Amethyst DnD Dice Set Vine Motif


Each die is individually cut, engraved with the number, and then polished to. With the mesmerizing and magical touch, this set takes you on a journey every time you bring it to your games. You will love how light plays around the dice to make it vibrant. Every design of dice is unique and well-crafted with top materials and quality craftsmanship. All our designs have two key points in mind: style, and number legibility. These dice look stunning without compromising functionality. Each die is one of a kind. 

Key features:

· Durable Material: The polyhedral dice set made of gemstone that weighted perfectly, high precision manufacturing, durable.

· Best Quality: Each die included in this set is inspected before being packaged, ensuring that you’ll only get quality dice.

· Easy to Read/Perfectly Roll: These DnD dice sets have hand-crafted and large numbers for easy reading. Made of natural gemstone that is always well balanced and satisfying to roll.

· Complete Dice Set: Complete set contains D20, D12, D10, D8, D6, D4, D% (7 pieces each set). Best for role-playing games including dungeons and dragons.

Disclaimer Note: Please note when ordering the set of gemstone dice are hand-crafted so there may be some differences. Actual colors, size, and balance may vary. Embrace the individual beauty of natural precious stones.

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