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Amethyst DnD D6 Pips Dice - CrystalMaggie
Amethyst DnD D6 Pips Dice - CrystalMaggie

Amethyst DnD D6 Pips Dice

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About the material:
Dice are made of natural amethyst. Natural striations, layers, and trapped detritus make each piece unique. No two dice are alike!
Gemstone dice are fragile, so we recommend that you can roll them on something with a soft surface, like a soft wool felt dice tray. And if you purchase more than 2 sets (include 2 sets) of dice, you will get a dice tray for free!

About the color:
Depending on your screen, vibrant colors of dice may vary from the pictures.
We take photos and magnify details under professional studio lighting.

* All our designs have two key points in mind, style, and number legibility so that they can look stunning without compromising functionality.
* Each piece is cut and engraved by hand, so please allow for minor variations in shape and cut. Each dice is unique and may not be perfectly symmetrical. We encourage you to embrace the individual beauty of natural precious stones and the age-old methodologies of hand-crafting.